Here's an overview of how to introduce Chunk Training into your Practice, with an explanation of the course format and enrolment process. For further detailed information please also see our course delivery guide and terms of use.

Course Format

Chunk Training courses consist of a series of up to 5 online training modules. One module is released every 2 weeks, thus a 5 module course will last 10 weeks. Our courses, which are aimed at Small Animal Practices, are:

  1. 1. Caring for Clients 1: Being Brilliant at the Basics
  2. 2. Caring for Clients 2: Progressings Skills across the Team
  3. 3. Clinical Information for Support Staff

See the course info page for details of modules within each course.

Ideally, all staff who regularly interface with clients should enrol together, so that the whole practice becomes aligned. This will encourage mutual support and discussion. Should a new staff member join the practice, you just buy them a trainee license, and they can start their training straight away.

Each module lasts 20-30 minutes on average, and all have a questionnaire at the end to test understanding. They also all finish with an assignment so that the trainee has a chance to either apply the learning immediately in the workplace, or relate it to relevant previous experiences. Chunk Training will grow and develop according to the needs of the practices using its services.The courses contain no audio and therefore can be accessed at any computer with Internet access.

For further detailed information, please see our course delivery guide and terms of use.

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Course Enrolment

Caring for Clients course screenshot - veterinary online training

Each practice will have a nominated Trainee Supervisor (TS), who will be our main contact. The TS will provide a list of trainees and their individual email addresses. The addresses must be unique to each trainee. Trainees will be invited to each course using this email address, and can create their own password.

Each trainee will have their own log-in and password, based on their own email. Trainees are alerted to each new course by email. As not all trainees access their personal email regularly, it is sometimes necessary for the TS to remind staff, and to be sure the first course doesn't end up in their email account's ‘spam’ folder.

Chunk Training will alert the TS each time a course module is released. The TS will have access to an online training analysis facility where they can run reports to check the status of trainees' progress, including modules completed and associated test results.

For some modules, we will need details of your practice protocols, e.g. worming protocols, so that the course fits your needs exactly.

For further detailed information, please see our course delivery guide and terms of use.

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Online Training Support

Support from Chunk Training is provided by email, and queries will normally be answered within one working day.