From Trainee Supervisors

‘I enjoyed the "brush-up" of front-desk skills and knowledge. I believe the Delighting the Client module would be of benefit to practices in the US. Interestingly, veterinary practice magazines often contain letters from disgruntled receptionists who complain that they are treated as lowly employees, less important than vets and techs. Your module rightly points out that a receptionist can make or break a practice -- something that all team members should learn and appreciate. A happy receptionist = happy clients, so treat her (or him) well!’
Jennifer Miele, Manager - Little Creek Veterinary Practice.

‘This was a very informative presentation for the receptionists - I hope it will help them answer questions they would not have been able to beforehand.’

‘As a profession, vets are always encouraged to progress. Working in a practice, I think many of us forget the importance of this progression on a team level, especially the role of the receptionists. The Chunk Training offering is a perfect way for the busy vet practice to improve the knowledge and skills of their receptionists. The girls in my office now have more confidence, understanding and ability to do their job more effectively and efficiently. We work better as a team and have improved organisation for the daily diary.’

From Trainees

‘Found some of the points regarding leadership very interesting as have not thought of them before. It’s so obvious once pointed out and actually so easy for us all to achieve.’

‘I Love the positive spin you put on everything.’

‘Covered everything we need to know and get asked frequently by clients.’

‘Very easy to follow and learn.’

‘I am enjoying doing these presentations and look forward to the next ones.’